Monday, March 3, 2014



I am a traveling artist and old style herbalist in training  who--in the style of the old caravan way of life--has been on the road through a dozen states, selling my art and herbal creations, and teaching a slew of classes in order to support my outside-the-box life.

After four years of journey, I am offering a satchel-full of amazing, quality and unique organic and herbal things, as well as my original handcrafted old-ways folk art.

The herbal products I make are 100% organic, made often with local ingredients and based on the herbal recipes of my little European mother. Each has been crafted with care and are great for your skin!

My art is made in the spirit of Olde English folk art, and include fairytaled and fabeled paintings, prints, woodburned art, art dolls, and enchanted clocks.

Please see the above menu listings to find all of our current available listings, or email to order a custom item!

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For those interested, can see more about the Beyond Vagabond Project here!

Many Thanks!
Zan Asha